Friday, January 30, 2015


It's not a demo video this time... but it's fun.
I have an etsy shop and sell some really fun custom sneakers there, so yesterday in between painting and stuff, I made this.

It's not perfect, but I'm learning and I like it, I think it's very "me" and my brand, so that makes me happy.
Plus, it's colorful for sure right?
Time for a little Bijou!


I love how my tangles look when I'm relaxed. I can tell by looking at my tangles when it's time to curl up in my shell and take a nap.

Ah naps... a snail after my own heart. :D

Hope your day is awesome Friends! Keep creating!


  1. I love the video. The music is good and the graphics are great. The only thing I can say is that the pictures of the shoes go too fast.......I can't really see them.

  2. That is fantastic! Great job! Yes, the pictures do go a bit fast, but I thought that was okay because it was the sneak peek made me want to hop over to your etsy shop for a full gander!

    I worked on using the good stuff today and had some interesting observations about myself. Thanks for that!

  3. Kelly! I thought you did a great job. I loved it and you were's very "you!" The music was catchy, and the graphics were perfect. I agree with Julia that it does make you want to go check things out over at your shop. Keep on! Sending warm hugs.

  4. Love the video! Great job!

    I made to tiles with color today and I'm loving them - so thank you!

  5. Great job on the video!

    For your enjoyment today, I created a new Zendala template.

    1. I still haven't really tried a Zendala yet. I really like your number 2 template.

  6. I have been minimally creative today. I have so much I want to do, but need to get some basic supplies. Hopefully, next month I can venture more into what I want to do as I have spent most of this month getting sorted.

  7. Hey! I recognize those Joker/Harley Quinn sneakers!
    He wears them ALL THE TIME!
    Except when it's raining, then he won't because he doesn't want to get them dirty. He still loves them! And still brags about them!

    My links today are more copic work. Haven't been getting much outside of these done lately; I'm working on getting a crafting space set up (been doing some bag a day purging - winkwink - and made space for me!) so once that's done, I will have a dedicated space and organized materials to accomplish more!