Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Didn't feel creative at the time

Yesterday, I built upcoming Zentangle classes. That doesn't sound super creative but it really is. I have to decide what techniques, what things I'm going to teach and how, create examples (that part was done or I'd have felt more creative I think) do my write ups for each and figure out how to market them.
Today will be the part of it that at least SHOWS the creative, I'll be making my flyers and building my display board for the next couple months.
So... I think the reason it didn't FEEL creative is because I can't put a picture up that shows what I was working on.
(Although if you look at my workshops link you can see the updates!)
Because I do like to show you something I've made in my posts, here is one of the bags I made over the holidays for a Christmas order!
Isn't this fun? It was a fandom backpack based on his many interested.
His name in Galifreyan (Doctor Who for the non-Whovians)
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
The very top of the backpack contains a handpainted galaxy.

It was fun and it was quite the challenge. Teenage boys are often the hardest of my customers. They tend to prefer subtle a lot of the time and yet distinctive.
He liked it from what I was told.

Today's Bijouism


Before I started to tangle, I never looked at the patterns I made as I moved through life. Now I always take a moment to appreciate the beautiful art I create whenever I take time to tangle. I appreciate everything, even what Hervé (my pen pal in Paris) might think is a mistake. I've become my own best fan! Whenever he can, Rick will take a picture of my Zentangle art so I can enjoy it later . . . even after a rain storm!
I love Bijou. He reminds me of so much! Maybe I can talk him into coming to visit soon. 

I got my journal prompt for my art journal and have been watching my videos for Mandala Magic as well. It's going to be a BUSY week!

What are you creating this week?


  1. I'm enjoying your bijouisms. :)

  2. Hi Kelly, it was awesome to meet you in person... but Camerida messed up my schedule, so I apologize for not posting every day. The link above is to my blog post with all items for the past week.

  3. The Bijouisms are great! I did a couple of challenges and had to ADMIRE them before I posted.