Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 31/365

We did it!
We have completed January!
Don't worry if you missed a day or two, or are just finding your way here now.
The challenge for the year is to be creative 300 out of the 365 days (That means you can miss 2 whole months and still make it!)
AND if you jump in late there will be a half year celebration too!

I promised some prizes... and prizes we shall have.

This month, I've been pretty focused on Bijou, so from all the entries 1 person will be selected to receive a set of Bijou tiles and a new micron.

The winner will be selected on Monday so make sure to get your entries in if they haven't been entered so far!

I played with my sketchbook and made some Bijou sized tangles myself.

 What's Bijou have for us today?
Enjoy the shade!
For a snail that's a double entendre (I love using my French now and then). I love hanging out in the shade beneath the ferns. I also love shading my tangles. How do I do it? That's a secret and a snail needs some secrets.

So thank you to all of you for joining me on this journey, I look forward to the next 11 months of creativity with you all!
Tell your friends, bring them too. You know creative people tend to be happier people who get more out of life. :)


  1. I'm losing track of which ones I've posted and which ones I've skipped. Off to teach a class today - that will be my post for tomorrow hopefully.

    1. I know, it's hard. I almost posted something twice myself and there are several things I never got around to! :)

  2. I was gonna skip today because I don't really have anything nice to show... But then I realized it's actually a month today and I'm not missing that! So you get to see my halfdone/trashed 2nd attempt to do a arukas/balloya duotangle for muster mixer#2 which I'm guessing is the last day today...

    But I'm so tired I gave up... Kept messing up arukas... It's hard enough to do without being tired and then combining it with balloya... Man, you really need open eyes for that! ;-P

    1 month! Yay for us!

    1. Yeah... arukas is kind of challenging and combining, you want to be awake for! I can't wait, going to look now!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration to stay creative.

  4. Woohoo! I made it one whole month! Today I finished a mandala in my sketchbook. Coloured with blue coloured pencils.

  5. Thank you for creating this challenge. I have enjoyed the first month. It doesn't seem like it has been 31 days. Your Bijou tiles are adorable and love the Bijouisms.

  6. I don't know if my comment appeared or not. Seemed to be a glitch in the system as i entered it. Thank you so much for this challenge Kelly. I posted my first entry just a bit ago, still a little timid about sharing my creativity but hoping to loosen up more as the year goes along and maybe silence the inner critic. Used the hashtag and it's on both Facebook and Pinterest, where this challenge has its own board. Looking forward to this year of fun!

    1. I'm so glad you are participating. Please post your link here for me too so that I can follow the board in case I'm not already!