Saturday, January 17, 2015

Little bits of creativity

Working my way through my patterns, one per tile all on little Bijou tiles!
Love the way they are turning out.
They fit perfectly in sleeves designed to hold coin protectors. 
I'll add them all to a notebook eventually, for now I just like to look at them!


  1. I thought about what you posted about yesterday. Thanks! It's a little thing, but it's something.

  2. I really like your Bijou sample tile idea.

  3. Great idea, Kelly. I've been thinking about how I should keep track of the patterns know (not that many really, but that's the right time to get started") and the ones I'm learning. Don't want to forget the ones I know as new comes along.

    Today I've been using my good stuff!
    And it felt good!

  4. Also I've been working on a blog - something new to me - this year seems to bring lots of new things.
    Been posting for a few days, but today I took the leep and made it public.
    Very creative day indeed.

  5. I need to work with Bijou tiles more often. I want to give demonstrations and they are perfect. I taught a class today and everyone had a great time. I almost had to run them off as our time just flew by! So I can say I created some great enthusiasts today!

  6. I have done terribly about posting my pics this week, but I think I am all up to date on my pinterest with my creative stuff...I have been mostly sketching. I have never ever even dabbled at it, but I am really having fun trying it!