Thursday, January 29, 2015

Busy, busy, busy! And a Thursday prompt!

I taught another great group last night and I had such a great time. VERY energizing, lots of fun, I love to spend time around creative people!
It's so much fun to see them fall in love with the Zentangle method and to see the beautiful artwork they create!
Other than my demo tiles I didn't have a lot of opportunity to put ink on paper so instead I'm going to share our mosiac. :) 

Zentangle 101- 1/28/2015

Aren't they beautiful? I love how each one is different, and done with only 4 patterns.
We used my favorite beginner patterns, Crescent moon, Tipple, Static and Flux! I like using those because they give me the opportunity to really reinforce aura, teach a little bit about shading and also how to "fix" something you didn't want to happen. I like adding Tipple because people are so often intimidated by Orbs. This class embraced the orbs!
Today I am going to do some sneaker painting (I have a couple pending orders) and I want to spend some time with my art journal and on my mandala magic.
So things will be a little more colorful in the next day or so!

That's your prompt today. Make it a COLORFUL day.
Use color in something you do today, a little splash a great big pop, a little wash....
But it's January and it's dreary and kind of gray by my house so let's brighten things up a bit!
Speaking of gray...
I hope everyone made it through the weather earlier in the week ok, and rest assured I'll be checking on your links if I haven't made it to yours yet this week. I'm a little behind in looking at everything but I do look at every single one.

Only 2 days until we've completed January. How is that even possible?!?!? Look at how creative we've been!

I'll have a giveaway to announce on Saturday and the winner for that will be announced on Monday.
I'll also be announcing the "Use your stuff" challenge winner then too so there's a few days to get in on that as well! 


Relish the embellish! That's my slogan. I love putting an aura or two (or three) around a tangle. It's one of my favorite things to do because I always know just what to do without thinking about it and I'm always happy with the result.


  1. As usual I didn't see your promt till now when I'm posting right before bedtime (well past but when isn't it...)
    My colorful peice will have to come tomorrow...

  2. I've been MIA from the challenge for a while but I promise I had a good excuse. My niece was married down in the Florida Keys and we had a lot of family time. - and limited computer access. I did have a chance to pick up lots of seashells on a beautiful semi-private beach. Now my mind is busy thinking of how I want to tangle them - and what I can put together for a future class!

  3. Hard to believe it's the end of January already, and I'm still in the challenge! I have a terrible track record with challenges, so I'm doing well. Today, I spent some more time playing with the Celtic Knot font.

    Nice to see you back, Sue!

  4. I did my It's A String Thing tile with color before I even read your prompt. The tiles by your students are awesome.

  5. Worked on a very colorful sock today and then realized I had skipped a very important element in a sock! Back to the drawing board for me!