Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moebius Syndrome Awareness

Laura Harms over at I am the Diva hosts a weekly challenge. I mentioned this earlier this week. Her challenge this week is to help raise awareness for Moebius Syndrome.

I said that I wanted it to be really special, so I was waiting til I had a little more time, but.... life is chaos sometimes. She has put up other challenges that were close to my heart that I set aside because I wanted to "Do them justice" and then sadly, never got to them.

So, although it isn't all super fancy, I wanted to participate. That's the thing about awareness... you just need to pay attention. You just start.
So I used the awareness ribbon and I used purple and I dove in.

So for Laura and her family, in honor of Artoo and other individuals, let's learn more and pass it on.

If you haven't visited Laura's blog, please do so. I am the diva. 

Today is my favorite of all the Bijouisms. 


Wow, this is such a big word! But it's a big idea, too. It seems like the more I appreciate something, the more things I get to appreciate! I used to take a lot of stuff for granted, like the warm springtime in Paris. But ever since I hitched that ride in Rick and Maria's luggage (it was COLD on that trip), I've treasured everything on this wonderful adventure. Now, when I'm tangling, I really focus on and appreciate each and every "stroke" I make.


  1. Lovely tile and great word from Bijou.

  2. Can you believe it's allready been 3 weeks? How time flies...

    I think it's safe to say it has now become a habit... Yay for us!

  3. I am trying to decide which creations to put up every day. Today I, too, did the Diva Challenge on Moebius Syndrome Awareness. I love purple!

  4. Wow, I can't believe it's already a year since the last Moebius Awareness challenge. Time is passing so fast!

    My contribution for today is some silhouettes I cut out of Japanese papers, to be used in future collage.

    For those who are following the saga, I ordered a Silhouette Portrait die cutting machine last month, and I received it with a defective power supply. So while I wait for a replacement, I'm back to cutting by hand.

  5. Your creation for the Moebius awareness day is inspiring. That pale lavender background is a perfect foil for your deeper purple artwork. Really a great hopeful feel on your blog!

  6. Nice job on the Moebius logo. Like Keeko and it fits well on this string.