Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Today's challenge is inspired by #Throwback Thursday.
I want you to think back to when you were a kid, what kind of creative activity did you love to do?
Was it crayons? Fingerpaints? Markers?
Did you like to play with chalk?
Today, do something to feed your inner munchkin. :)

I was inspired by the journal prompt I was given in my art journal group yesterday. We are supposed to cut snowflakes to remind us of our individuality. I am so excited by this idea... I LOVE papercutting and I live where it snows sometimes up to 8 months out of the year, so I am like a SNOW EXPERT.

I think I cut 100 snowflakes yesterday, plus it was a half day for my kids so it really felt like a kid-inspired day.

My journal is in progress, and you can't quite see what's going on in there yet (I'm using a lot of white on white which may not photograph so well) but I will share when that's done. For now...
A snowflake


  1. I love making snowflakes. I start making them in november and they always stay up til spring. Cut a little here and there, unfold and something amazing has been made.

    Today I drew an inchie for the every inchie monday challenge, that was fun! (And quick, so maybe I'll get to bed before midnight for once...)

  2. Field trips are a throw back to kid times right? I spent the day with my class at a wonderful science museum and made fossils and dug for dinosaur bones. I decided a picture to commemorate this event would be in order. I love making snowflakes too! Only today the sky made some its own for us!

  3. I did finger painting - almost - well, I got paint on my fingers!

  4. Paper snowflakes were always a favourite when I was growing up. I also doodled mandalas, and my favourite Christmas present ever was Spirograph. See, I was a math geek even then!

    My offering for today is a page from my sketchbook where I was playing with Cadent. I've been using my Mandala stencils to make circular version of grid tangles...

  5. I'm traveling this week so my Diva challenge got done in a moving car. Some of the lines are rather wobbly - but no mistakes right? Right! Busy week ahead with family activities. I will have to get REALLY creative with ways to answer the challenge.

  6. For Christmas, my sister in law gave me a sun catcher activity. It was The Little Mermaid (my absolutely favorite Disney Princess). I stuck it in a drawer not really expecting to do anything with it. Until this challenge prompt! I immediately thought about it and knew that the time had come to indulge in painting Ariel :)