Saturday, January 24, 2015

My pens have arrived!!!

For those of you that didn't know, I have been waiting for my pack of chameleon pens to arrive. They clearly said they would take 7-10 days but I'm used to prime and somehow just assumed that magically they would arrive sooner. They didn't and did in fact take a strange little detour according to tracking but that wasn't really anyone's fault.

However, they have arrived.

I was very excited. 
There's a learning curve but it's less steep than I expeccted. 
That was done... VERY quickly. 

I also created bookmarks and tile folders for my upcoming Zentangle classes and worked on some of my Bijou tiles. 

Speaking of Bijou.... today's Bijouism


I really have to focus. My eyeballs are on the ends of long stalks that I can point in all directions. My favorite tangles are spirally ones . . . maybe because I have a spiral shell. But, if I don't focus on what I'm doing, my eye stalks wrap around each other . . . and that is NOT fun. But when I just focus on the tangle I'm "drawing" it's so much more fun . . . and beautiful.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Looking forward to seeing more work with the Chameleon pens!

    My contribution for today - I took one of the Celtic knots I created yesterday into Photoshop Elements and added some visual effects.

  2. Your tangle sampler collection ispired me and I've been working on my own today... :-)

  3. I love your flower. I am posting this on day 24 as I actually finished it yesterday. I haven't begun creating for day 25 yet. I am going to have to find a Julian calendar to post on my computer so I know which creating day I am working on. Maybe I'll made one for my magnetic board.