Monday, January 26, 2015

Return of the headache...

Sorry for the late post, I have another headache today. Blah.
I wanted to tell you all about my amazing class yesterday and show off all their great work, but I think for today I'm going to say that I'm going to count the fact that I did make a post as my creative for the day.

It feels a little like cheating, but I made SOMETHING and that's more than I would have done if I hadn't committed to the challenge.
So here we are. :)

I did get a Bijouism for you though!

Deliberate strokes

When humans watch snails, it must look like every movement we make is deliberate. But when I'm tangling I move much more deliberately than, say, when I am foraging for food. Doing a tangle, particularly one that I know well, allows me to focus on each individual stroke. That's because I know that when the next stroke comes, I'll know just what to do then because I've learned that tangle's "recipe." Plus, a snail always leaves a trail . . . why not make it a deliberate one?


  1. So sorry you are hurting. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into keeping this challenge going. Hope you are better soon.

  2. Sorry about your headache. I feel your pain.

    My creation for today... I discovered a MacOS app called Wordify. I fills shapes with words of your choosing. I made a couple of images with my silhouette shapes, I think they're pretty cool. I could print them out and use them as collage elements.

  3. Kelly, hope you are feeling better soon. I do not like headaches!

  4. Don't think it as cheating, think of it as recharging. Rest and feel better.

  5. Thanks everyone. I've been getting them for a couple weeks now... blah, time to check with the dr just to be on the safe side. Thanks. I do feel quite a bit better today thankfully. :)

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