Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just... do it (day 4)

I had big plans for projects yesterday, instead I had a horrific headache and spent a good chunk of the day in bed.
NOT my favorite thing to do. :(
So I finished my "Jar of Happiness/Jar of Positivity" which was almost done and then I did get my Tangle a day done and that's about it, but I did it... because a day without a pen in my hand makes me sad. I know there will be days I stumble and don't get much done, I know that there will be days when you don't want to do it... it really IS ok, but if you can, try. :) You really do feel better at least while you are creating.

Today the headache is better,if not good, so I'm hoping for more productivity.

Here's what I got done yesterday!


  1. Great picture. It took me a minute to realize that the tangle was Orbs-la-dee.

  2. My creative project today was to try to make my pancakes have fancy patterns in them. You know, like the fancy ones you find when you search 'pancake art' on Pinterest. Well, this one isn't quite there yet, but now I'll actually go back and read the directions so I can try for a masterpiece next time!

  3. My entry has days one through four in it. I still would love someone to help me link my pinterest board to this site. When I try it asks for something other than the url I try to link in. But in case I can't get it worked out, I will probably link on Sundays for all that week's creative stuff!

    1. I will be happy to walk you through it!!! If you send me an email with your board in it I'll create a step by step walk through for you tomorrow. I'd do it today, but Headache part 2 has struck and I may need to shut down the laptop. :(

  4. I finished a 16 sided thingy full of Rick's Paradox. This will be a great example to show my students, especially the kids. I must say this challenge is keeping me busy.

  5. In lesson three of Creative Jump Start, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows how to cut a stencil of your own face. I posted my first attempt - I'm not sure it looks much like me, but it's something I can use on art journal pages.

  6. Love that calendar. Just googled it but it seems to only be sold in US. So it costs an arm and an leg to have it shipped plus taxes and what have you... :-|

    Anyways a really great day for creativeness, the little guy out of the house to play and the bigger guy.. AKA husband out to play too, so it has just been us two girls home. Plenty of time to cook, bake and draw! Great last day of the holidays. :-)
    Finished my journal cover.

  7. Today I am working on some of my many photographs from our holiday in San Diego..this is a shot I took of my son walking out into the ocean and I chose to silhouette him a bit and pull most of the color out. It allows it to feel very timeless to me and shows his love of the ocean so much.

  8. Only sometimes the creativity bites me but I got the same jar as you :) Happy / positive / good things Jar and I love it!!

  9. I need to make one of those jars!