Friday, January 23, 2015

Patterns, patterns everywhere!

One of the things I love most about Zentangle is how it's really opened my eyes to so many patterns in EVERYTHING. I just never really noticed them quite the same way before.
I'm working through all my patterns and putting them in a book. So that was my creative.

I have a lot more to do but I'm getting there!

I realized I didn't put up a prompt yesterday, so today my prompt to you is create something with a pattern. Your choice from there... Just use some type of pattern.
I look forward to seeing what you do!

What's really funny.. is that I didn't look at today's Bijouism before I wrote all that. :D


Ever since I heard Rick and Maria talking about all the patterns they'd see in their surroundings, I started to notice patterns more. Now that I tangle I REALLY notice them. I see how they deconstructed patterns and made them into tangles. It seems like magic because I never thought that I could recreate some of these tangles when I first saw them. Now I'm excited to find a pattern to deconstruct and turn into a tangle. After all, I do have a unique perspective down here amidst the ferns, flowers and grasses!


  1. Funny how our minds must think alike on certain days. I just worked on some Bijou tiles. Now to start putting them in a binder sheet.

  2. I've started noticing patterns everywhere. Twice now I've put the TV on pause so I can take a picture of a shirt someone is wearing or the railing on a bridge because I want to deconstruct it. Yep. Sometimes I just geek out that way!

  3. I love Celtic knots. I love to draw Celtic knots. But... I found a new way to make them: the Celtic Knot Font ( If you can type, you can do this. The image I uploaded contains a couple if simple ones - I'll be working on more in the next few days.

  4. This is a fantastic idea! Where would I go to find these special pocket sheet protectors for the Bijou tiles? Do they also have them for the 3.5 square tiles also?

  5. I've been slowing down this week in submitting but mainly because I've been working on one big piece. It's a page of, well, patterns!
    How crazy that your prompt is patterns and I've been playing with patterns all week. Fun!!

  6. Geez am I ever glad to hear that you didn't think you could ever make a tangle at the beginning of your career tangling Phew!! I feel that way a lot as a beginner but I am gaining hope day by day! Thank you for sharing SOO much creative inspiration. I was wondering where to buy those protective sheets you have pictured here? They look better than any I have seen yet!? Thanks