Monday, February 23, 2015

Zentangle frost and #onedozenfandom custom sneakers

Laura over at I am the Diva  must be inside my head. Her challenge this week is to tangle using tools you don't normally use.
Like... Frost? Ice? Snow?
Got plenty of that!
My daughter and I actually did a lot of that this weekend on the various windows in the house because it's fun and a new medium.
This is really hard to see, it was super hard to photograph but try it! It's fun!! (Don't freeze while you are doing it!)
Fingertips and frost. :) You know you want to! Or maybe you don't. Maybe you'd rather go to the beach. On second thought, let's go to the beach! Someone come get me! LOL If you don't like in snowpocalypse country, I'd like to encourage you to buy some crystal effects markers and try it on your mirrors and windows. They're by crayola and they're cheap and fun! In fact I used some in my art journal a few weeks ago because I love the look of frost, even though I'm desperate for some sunshine!

I was very busy this weekend... indoors, finishing my daughter's sneakers.For those of you that don't follow my blog regularly I have been creating a pair of custom sneakers for my daughter based on her love of fandoms. If you want to see them in process I used the hashtag #onedozenfandoms on instagram and fb.
I'm really proud of them, the hardest part was getting everything to work together and to be the way she wanted it.I also thought this was a great opportunity to play with my new light box and practice taking pictures for my etsy shop (Whimsy by Kelly) I did not edit them at this point, other than to rotate or crop them, that'll be my next endeavor. So, lots of pictures for all of you!!!
(Feedback and suggestions are totally welcome!)
Avengers and My Little Pony

Ouran High School Host Club, Harry Potter, Supernatural, RWBY

Roses, Deathly Hallows and the Anti-possession symbol

The purple is for Welcome To Night Vale


Sherlock, as well as Homestuck 

Sherlock of course... 

Homestuck: Troll symbols and the Wayward Vagaond

Doctor Who and Welcome to Night Vale

Why Hello TARDIS

Again, Welcome to Night Vale, this was a fun part and having it on the outside of both shoes helped tie things together


Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Cheese, Eduardo, Mac, Bloo, Wilt and Coco

Can you tell they were my favorite?

Several people have already asked, I do take custom orders, in fact, I love to do it. You can convo me on Etsy through my shop or you can send me an email at
Ok, I think I need a break, so tomorrow my post will be pretty light. I hope everyone is still staying warm and that you are getting lots done!


  1. Makes me wish we had frosty windows to tangle! And I love those boots - gorgeous!

    Here's mine:

    1. Thanks. I am currently wishing for warm. :D I like what you did with the blackwork! Very cool!

  2. No tangling on the windows around here, but it's cold enough. Today is one of those days when the high temperature for the day (33 ° F.) was at 6 a.m. It had been downhill from there, so there will be plenty of ice puddles outside from the mess left from Saturday's snow/sleet/rain "event". Your sneakers are awesome!

    1. I think I might sell a kidney for 33 degrees. This morning it was -2 with a -19 windchill (because it wasn't -20 the schools were open) The temp has been dropping all day too. Yay... blah...
      So tired of winter!

  3. Love the sneakers. I chuckled at the juxtaposition of Avengers and My Little Pony. :)

    Today, I have a new grid tangle in the round: Atorm by Mafê Mavromati.

    1. I know.. she's come a long way baby! She said I had to include My little pony because they were her very first fandom, even though she didn't know she was in a fandom when she was 5. :D

  4. I absolutely love the frost tangle! Much nicer to look at it from balmy Arizona, though, I'm sure. The sneakers are all kinds of wonderful! I know your daughter will enjoy them and I bet you do get a bunch of takers on Etsy. Great work!

  5. Frosted tangles - that's fun!

  6. Great idea, this frozen tangles. Here in The Netherlands we can't do that, no snow, no frost. I like the sneakers too.

  7. Ooo! Frosty frost! Great idea! Though I too will be happy when the frost is gone and the air has warmed up! Love your sneaks!

  8. When I was young, we would get in big trouble if we finger drew on the windows! You're a good mom. Lovin' those sneakers too!

  9. OMG!! Are you going to let her wear those sneakers outside!?!?! Hahaha...I think after all that time, I'd make my daughter display them on her shelf in her room! JK...she will be the hippest girl in school. Great job!

  10. Lovely idea to tangle on the frozen windows! Great sneakers, too!

  11. What fun to have thought about doing this challenge on the frosty windows! The tennis shoes are great too!