Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhogs Day!

So.. the groundhog saw his shadow.
That means 6 more weeks of winter. Blah. Double BLAH. I am tired of snow.
We are getting quite a bit of the lovely white stuff at the moment, so I guess I'll prepare to hibernate for the next 6 weeks.
(Here in Western NY it's more like another 3 months of winter)

Let's perk things up!
I promised a prize would go out to someone who joined in and here we go!

These sweet little Bijou tiles are going to go to JLJohnson!
Please send me your address via email  so I can get these out to you! Lots more little treats will be coming in the upcoming months!

I have a secret package that will be going out as well in the next couple days too! The winner of my "Use the good stuff" bonus is Heather (who mainly posts for the challenge over on Instagram) but made sure to post on that post for us! Heather, please send me your mailing info so that I can send our your package too!

Today I caught up on Laura's challenges over on I am a Diva with 201 and 202 as well as got my Square One challenge too. 
202- Chebucto vs Copada
Not a fan of Chebucto, no matter how many times I practice it, I just don't love it. 

203- UMT-Athitzi was the challenge. I really liked it! I think this will become a go to
I combined it with Quandry for the Square One challenge as well. 

The first of the month is always a UMT so I always try to dive into those. I like learning something new! 
I'm having a hard time fitting all the things in that I want to be doing into my daily posts, so I think I'll try and do some more combining.

I love the language of Zentangle. 

Speak in tangles

That's how I first started "speaking" with Rick and Maria. Tangles and patterns are universal . . . literally. Take a look at my shell. Now, look at a galaxy. See a pattern?


  1. Your Athitzi tile has a lovely, happy feeling. Nice!

  2. Hi, Kelly ~ did I miss the step-out to your new tangle?

    1. Tomorrow Roseanne! :) (or it's the challenge in czt17)

  3. Interesting tangle, Athitzi. It looks good in a circle, and you created a really nice tile.

  4. Our groundhog didn't see his shadow. YAY!

    My piece today is another grid tangle in the round, this time it's 'NZeppel.

  5. I like both of your tiles. Thank you for the Bijou tiles, I'm so excited. I have seen Athitzi before but have not tried it yet.

  6. It sounds like you're a busy person. You are not the only one of us who found Chebucto somewhat tough going. I'm dealing with the Groundhog's shadow (and I'm from his home state, Pennsylvania) by going for a Caribbean cruise next week. By mid February, I've about had it with below freezing.

  7. Got my ABC challenge started finally!

  8. Your Athitzi is done so very well and the tile has a nice design.

  9. Both are lovely! Especially I like your Athitzi tile!

  10. Nice way to combine work by using the Challenge tangle with Square One, Looks good.