Friday, February 6, 2015


Today is FRIDAY!
My kids asked me since I'm self-employed why that matters. I told them because it's FRIDAY!!! Duh??
Anyway... TGIF!!! YAY FRIDAY!
(Been a really long week at Casa Kelly)

Friday's also mean a new challenge over at Square One:Purely Zentangle 
This week the challenge is Wells. I know what I'll be working on later!

In the past I might have throw the past couple days out in terms of the chance and time to be creative. Instead I found it really helped me be less stressed.

Here's a bit of renaissance style tangling for you today!

This is almost a copy of a design I did on my folder that I keep my business supplies in because I wanted to see if I could recreate the look and tada! YAY!

Just as an FYI, I'm running a special in my etsy shop today, $10 off on custom converse if you're interested. 

I promised I'd get back to Bijou today! (Read more about him at
Instead of a Bijouism today, I wanted to share some of his fun facts!

Fun Facts

Well being: Bijou spent his childhood living in a well at a monastery in France.
Hometown: Paris
Favorite place to tangle: The beach
Favorite Tangles: Printemps, Sprinkle, and Marasu
Favorite colors: Black, white, and shades of gray
Best way to contact Bijou: Snail mail
Hobbies: Zentangle tangles, swing dancing, yoga, cooking, philosophy and 
Favorite foods: croissants with butter and pinwheel cookies
Likes: Long, slow, walks on the beach.
Male or Female: Oui


  1. Wow, there are lots of challenges to keep up with now. I can't get to them all. At least with this challenge I can use my answers to all those other challenges.

    1. I know me too!!!! I'm starting to combine some of them I think. :) It's why I try and make mine as open as possible. I do list a prompt on Thursdays for those who want it, but I'm good with anything submitted. :D

  2. Another technique I learned at Creative Jump Start: acrylic skins. You make them by pouring gel medium and paint on a non-stick surface. They take a couple if days to dry, and then you have this cool sheet of paint you can cut and use in collage.

  3. I love your tile. Great colors!

    I tangled your awaysis today... Took some practice... I'm not great with tangles that starts with dots - I can never get them lined up with even space between them...
    But it looks pretty good though! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I can't make stuff that uses diamonds so I totally understand how some things don't work for everyone!

  4. I combined Awaysis and the Diva's challenge of Athitzi. I'm going to have to practice Awaysis some more, but am pleased how it came out for this tile.

    And yes. Friday always matters!

    1. I love Athitzi! :D I'm glad you liked it.

  5. Your tile is so beautiful and elegant! I just started blogging 3 weeks ago and it's amazing how many cool and creative challenges are out there. I decided to combine two of them in my entry. I'm really enjoying sharing my creations and seeing all the other talent!

    1. So many challenges... so little time! LOL I find that I'm combining a lot too!

  6. I'm posting today's entry on Saturday morning. Erin got her Zendala Dare up again so I was happy to try a new one!