Monday, February 16, 2015


Pictures of my products are actually really not my strong suit.
I have decided to try and remedy that by using a camera and by making a lightbox.

Here's my lightbox, it's not pretty and the insert will be swapped for matte posterboard eventually.

 Already I can see it's going to make a difference, even snapping a quick shot with my phone.

Progress on sneakers. This is another pair of Deadpool, I actually wish this order had come in last week because I JUST finished a pair yesterday, but am waiting for the varnish to dry. I love when I can do multiple pair at once because then it's fun to lay them side by side and see how different they are while remaining true to the design. They're still fun to do.
The ones with the purple are for my minion. :)

Still bitter cold here. My son is sick... my daughter is out shoveling (which seems like such a waste of time since it's going to do it again tonight!!!!)
Spring is coming someday right? :) Stay safe, stay warm.


  1. The photo looks great, I like your lightbox!

    For today, I have another circular grid tangle. For tomorrow, I'm working on some Huggins circular variations for the Square One Facebook group. :)

  2. That lightbox will make all the difference! I had to photograph a lot of yarn once and improvised using white sheets. Believe me. Yours is so much better!

  3. i came over yesterday to post this but was up before Kelly put this up. Forgot to check back later.