Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's a green spot...

I know this doesn't look like much, but most of today's creativity has been going on inside my head, not out in the public where it can be seen. It doesn't want me poking at it too much. In fact, mostly
my creativity today is kind of tired and feeling like staying in it's jammies and laying on the couch and drinking a lot of tea.
Ok... so I don't know if that's my creativity or if that's ALL OF ME but yeah.
I did get this little piece of this done, it's for a prototype of something I'm going to try. I'm excited about it and I know, I'm being all vague and non-specific, but it's because I don't see anyone else doing it on Etsy yet and I plan to put it there once it's done.
You'll get to see it first though!

Are you feeling motivated or excited about something? I'd love to see!
Mostly, I just am kind of counting down the days til spring!


  1. You are involved in so many cool crafts! I got another snow day today so I got to sit and play with my supplies! Yahoo! Of course, I may not be yahoo-ing if I end up going to school all summer. This post is for days 54 and 55. I also tried to come up with a new (well, maybe) tangle.

  2. Good job on the tease! Looking forward to finding out more.

    Coincidentally, I am also starting something new today: Celtic Knot templates. Like my Mandala templates, you can download these and print them out for tangling or colouring.

  3. Well, I am intrigued about what you are going to do. I didn't post any pictures today, just an update on my creative endeavors.