Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not behind!

I looked at the clock a little while ago and was like... Ooops! I'm late! I'm behind on my post again... 
Well, I think that everyone has times in their life that are busier than others and that life doesn't fall neatly into order.
It would be nice if it did and everything went where it was supposed to be, on time, when it was supposed to, how it was supposed to and that people (and life) didn't get sidetracked, but that's not how real life goes.

When I first started my challenge this year, one of the things I thought about was writing a bunch of posts in advance, or at least being 2 or 3 days ahead and I considered it, but then I thought better of it.

The entire purpose of the challenge is to show that creativity is an important part of every day life. If I can't find a way to fit in my post (which some days might be the only thing I get created!) then I would have set myself up for failure from the start.

So, it's not going to be perfect, there isn't going to be a specific time each day when I promise it will be here. I do promise to try and post MOST days before noon my time (eastern) but some days it will be later.

As for being behind...
We've lost a couple people because they felt they were behind. You're not. Dive in. Move forward.
Remember I told you 300 times? That means that if you hadn't even considered joining until close to the middle of march you could still complete the 300 days!
And if you join AFTER that? There are still fun giveaways and great encouragement and opportunities to push yourself too.

I am going to create a couple of posts for days when I might not feel well, or in case of emergency, that way they'll always be there for me to just hit a button and go, but I promise to be doing this right along with you. :)
We've got this!

So... on that note... Sneakers. :)
These first 3 are Deadpool... these are the most popular item in my shop most of the time.

These are close to ready to be varnished
Deadpool (right)

Deadpool (left) 

These next are a continuation of the #onedozenfandoms pair I am creating for my daughter. She's really excited to realize that she might have them ready to wear by the time she goes back to school after break on Monday.

Supernatural Antipossession symbol and The Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter
Also Welcome to Night Vale along the grommets

Galaxy and TARDIS for my little Whovian, as well as the Welcome to Night Vale as well

Homestuck troll symbols along the inner grommets
Sherlock smiley face as well.
These are fun, but I'm not sure if it's the sneakers themselves or her excitement that I'm loving so much! :) 

Hope your day is awesome. It's going to snow again here and I have a Zentangle class tonight. 


  1. I love the Deadpool shoes, that read gradient is beautiful.

    This being Wednesday, I posted the week's work on my blog, which includes my four versions of circular Huggins.

  2. Those shoes are amazing! What a lucky daughter you have. I used to draw on my shoes and jackets when I was a teenager, but my mom wasn't exactly pleased about that! Bet your daughter thinks she has the coolest mom.

    I had a pair that I colored screaming glow-in-the-dark green and doodled. I remember them beeing the coolest! (They were probably horrific! ;P) I couldn't wear them to my best friends house because her mom always hid them. She couldn't bear to look at them! lol.

    Btw, I have no problem with your emergency-ready posts. Or even non-emergency posts. Some days you just don't feel like posting... That's life... :)

  3. Love the red shoes. They must be happy shoes! I finally posted to my blog. Seems like this month has been sooo busy and it's not going to stop for a while! Oh well, Tangle on!

  4. It's funny. My post today was about feeling that's I'm too far behind. Maybe it's the mid February slump.