Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tangling the morning away

Today is a tangling kind of day for me. I am working on this skyline ZIA on the couch and I like the way it's coming, still have some more to do, but wanted to get the blog post up before the day got away from me!

And my faithful little companion is keeping me company. She's the reason for the odd shadows on my work sometimes, she likes to "help" when I try to take pictures.. or really, when I do anything, which is why they are banished from my studio.  (I have two dogs, one is camera shy!)
I can't paint stuff and keep things near pets in case of allergies plus dog hair... so when I do get creative in the "main space" she's all excited and wants to help. :D
Isn't she cute? See her smile?

So that's my morning. I'm teaching some Zentangle in a private class later today, so I'll have a fun day of creativity for myself!

I hope you are doing something fun today!


  1. Love the skyline! That is going to be awesome. I also love you assistant. My assistant is usually found at my feet - he is much to large to be up around my work. There is some pics of him on my link playing in the snow! This is days 56 and 57!

  2. I have the same problem with cat hair! My cat isn't allowed in my studio but somehow I'm still fining it in my work. Looking forward to seeing how the skyline comes out!

  3. Isn't it nice to have an assistant? A friend of mine had a cat she referred to as her "intern". :D

    Today I have a new mandala template! I'm having so much fun making these again! I have a whole bunch in my sketchbook!

  4. My assistant is under my chair snoring away! I always have to look before I roll back or stand up!