Sunday, February 8, 2015

Different things are fun

I am a terrible knitter. :) I always wanted to, but you know I never really picked it up.
Finally last year some friends worked with me and I got the basics.
I'm still working on the same scarf a year later though.

Every so often I feel compelled to work on it, usually when I'm cold.

I figure at this rate... my scarf will be done by the year 2021. 

Today I have a Tangled Hearts Valentine class, which is a Zentangle inspired class, so that should be lots of fun.

Getting ready for that but I don't want to spoil the surprise for those coming.


  1. Pretty colors.......I love variegated yarn.

  2. You're brave and creative! I tried knitting once - we didn't get along! Your scarf is going to be gorgeous! My post is for days 35 - 39! Wonderful challenges like this one are not good for such a linear person like me, lol. I can't bear the thought of missing one day. Aargh!

  3. I love knitting!
    I have a shawl I've been working on for three years... It's been at least a year since I touched it... Usually I have to 'steal' needles from a WIP when starting a new knit project... It's that bad...

    But some day... (You know, the day that's 48 hours long - then I'll finish them all!) ;P

  4. I, too, love to knit. I usually stick to smaller projects so I can finish them. (Ha!) I have at least 3 UFO's (unfinished objects) on needles. No problem, tho. Always something to look forward to. Your stitches and tension are beautiful.

  5. I can crochet, but knitting has eluded me. I love the colours you chose!

    Today I have a new tile in my circular grid tangles series.

  6. Those colors are lovely! Knit a dish cloth. It's smaller so is completed sooner and you can learn all sorts of stitches on them. And you have something you will use all year long.

  7. I know what you mean about the finish date for your scarf. I have tried knitting about 500 times and we do not get along. I have to concentrate too hard on what I am doing, so I stick to crochet.