Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sat morning.. err.... afternoon

I'm a slacker this week, sorry I know that many of you look for these in the morning, but I'm really tired this week. I was up and working on several things and it wasn't that I forgot, it was just that the morning kind of got away from me.
I was working on these.

Magic the Gathering Mana
The picture isn't great, but they aren't quite done yet so I'll work on that a little more before I send them out so I have some nice photos for my shop.

I also worked on a new service I'm offering in my shop which is layaway/payment plans. I had to break that all down before I could make it official, that back end stuff always takes more time than I want it to to.

Tomorrow I have a Zentangle class "Tangled Hearts" for Valentine's Day. If you're local to the WNY area and want to come, feel free to shoot me an email. Sadly our weather is supposed to be not great and I had 6 people who were coming in from the south towns cancel, so LOTS of room. I don't want to cancel because those that can make shouldn't have to be disappointed. The good part is I'll have some fun stuff to show you no matter what.

My biggest creative challenge today is what to make for dinner though. I am stumped. Someone please invent a new animal to eat.

I'm very excited because I just found out (Thanks Ann!!!) that Erin over at The Bright Owl  has a new Zendala dare up. I love love love her dares because I love Zendalas!
So I'll be having to dive into that asap. Well, as soon as I get the chance anyway.
I guess that's all for now, oh! A little bit of Bijou!


Savor . . . every . . . moment. That's another motto of mine. Most of the journey is (duh) the journey. May as well find something to savor along the way. Wherever I go I create beautiful tangles getting there . . . and I really bask in the warmth that creates in me!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on The Bright Owl. I was looking for something different to do this evening!

  2. I too am happy that Erin is back with the Zendala Dare, I'll have links to it in the Roundups. And coincidentally, my offering for today is also a mandala/Zendala template, #11. And I have several more in the works!

  3. I've kinda hit a stump, creatively. It seems like I get things started, then take a few days or so to finish. But this lamp is one I started a few days ago; all I needed left was to spray paint the base, but with the rain we'd been having, I had to wait for a dry day!
    Finally got it finished yesterday. The kiddo loves it!