Friday, February 27, 2015

Jar of Wishes Giveaway

Origami stars are nothing new, I used to make them back in high school and sometimes I still do. Every so often I make one of these to inspire a friend or as a pick me up... each of the stars has a little note.
This month I'm making one as a giveaway for one of the #whimsybykelly2015 participants.
You DO have to have commented on this post (even if you don't have an entry for today just drop me a comment) and you have to have participated at least once this month. (Still 2 days left!)

It's Friday. YAY for Friday! Over in Square One they have issued a new challenge, to use SeZ. I'm going to try to get to it, but I keep missing stuff. :) I have a lot going on and I've been picking and choosing the things that excite me these days!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Stay warm, stay safe, make something awesome!
Tell your friends about the contest and get them to dive in on the challenge with you!


  1. These are the paintings I talked about in an earlier post, made with my "Sisters" silhouettes. I made one for each sister with her own silhouette, and a larger square painting with all three silhouettes for their mom.

  2. The stars are amazing and the jar idea is awesome. Who doesn't need a jar of wished...........very cool!

  3. Love this idea! It is so pretty! I don't have an entry for today - well, I do, but I am waiting to scan and post the next 3 on Sunday. I did my journal page today for Journal52. I haven't missed a day yet. The snow has been really cooperating and giving me lots of time away fom school work, lol!

  4. I've not heard to these stars before. They sound super! Life has gotten in my way of posting lately although I am still creating every day. Now I'm getting ready for my first big demo at the art center next week. Wish me luck!

  5. gm Kelly-this giveaway is so beautiful and thoughtful--hope your weekend is all u want it to be--

  6. Those stars are wonderful! I'm beginning to think you never sleep with all you do!