Monday, May 4, 2015

Zelda earrings...

I should have called this post, how I spent 5 hours making a pair of earrings that normally I can make with not a lot of effort.
I don't even know what was happening but this cute little pair of Zelda earrings took me 5 hours yesterday to get 2 that I could send out for my order.
For real.
I don't even know how that happened.
I think it's very true that sometimes you just can't push it... it'll happen when it happens.

So I'm especially proud to share these with you because I didn't chuck them in the corner and give up. :D

So.. TADA!

What did you made this weekend?

These make GREAT gifts because you can add in fandoms, hobbies and I can make a truly unique gift for someone.


  1. Fun earrings! I made some Gelli prints on sheets of Avery labels. Tomorrow, I'll see about making some cards with the labels.

  2. Cute earrings. My post can be found here: .