Thursday, May 28, 2015

The final countdown!!!

Only 2 real days left til I'm officially open. Yesterday I had 3 different groups stop by to see what's up and going on in my space (it looks like real space now and people are intrigued)

This is my window display so far. It's a little table and some directors chairs (These will eventually be tangled) with tiles and a paint can on the table. It looks way cuter than it does in the pic but I have been focusing on getting stuff done instead of taking pics.

Speaking of which.. the site may be down sometime tomorrow. I finished my new website and tomorrow my domain is being redirected there.
It looks like this. (So you aren't confused when you get there) I'm pretty happy with it and it's going to have some cool new features like eventually a video tutorial section, etc) It took me forever to get it the way I want, and there are several things that still aren't working right, but... I think I need it live so I can play with it and have all the changes actually take effect.

You might be wondering about the blog though because that's what you are going to get when you click
The blog isn't really going anywhere though.
I"m not taking it down. You will be able to get to the blog by clicking on the link I demonstrated here...

A lot of the things I have on the blog will be stripped and moved to there eventually, leaving just the actual blog and creativity challenge etc here.
You an also just get to the blog by going to
So, if you have trouble accessing in the next day or so, that's why and if things look a little strange for a day or two please be patient. :) I wanted a better page with more options.

Also, just because there may not be access to the challenge doesn't mean I won't still be creating and hope you will be too! I'll put up a "catch up" post if we miss a day. 

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