Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wet paint zone

Chairs are high on my list of priorities for completion so they will be ready for the grand opening.
They're turning out super cute, but the colors didn't photograph very well.
This one looks like it's the color of melted mint ice cream.

 This one my daughter painted, it's actually gorgeous turquoise with a lighter blue on the rungs.

Love that it's all coming together. The chairs are going to be all seaglass type colors type colors. Honestly, I've second guessed myself 100 times on these, but I'm feeling pretty confident now.
These things are HARD I tell you!

I'm a messy painter. My family is comprised of messy painters and that's TOTALLY ok. :)
So the studio is a wet paint zone... and tomorrow my banner goes up!
THAT is going to be so exciting!


  1. I'm loving the colours you're choosing for the chairs.

    I'm doing a week of mandala templates, catching up and finishing designs that have been "in progress" for a while.

  2. Those chairs are going to be nice. I haven't posted this week, but I have been working every day.