Wednesday, May 13, 2015


When I was talking about chairs for my studio, I had an idea in mind that never wavered. Everyone was sharing links with me and saying, "these are cute" and "These aren't too expensive and look solid" but um... I knew what I wanted and it was a very unique, almost Alice in Wonderland tea party look.
So, there's been a hunt at yard sales, thrift stores, vintage stores and craigslist for cute chairs.

They're all different... but they're wood, they're solid and they are the perfect choice for the look I want.

Except it would have been SO MUCH EASIER to order 20 chairs. LOL

They all needed primed before I can do anything fun. Is it just me or is priming boring? I love the way everything looks fresh and clean with white on it and I do love white furniture... but I think it's the anticipation of knowing how cute they are going to look that has me impatient.
Painting white primer gets boring quickly....

and there are a lot of chairs.
And the spindles.
Oh so many spindles.

They look super cute... but sheesh.
If I ever decide to redo these, someone link me to this post! LOL

I have 2 favorites. One isn't in these pics.
The other is this one.

Isn't it cute? It can't stay pink... it doesn't match (but I love it!!!!)
That's my water bottle cap, it wasn't stuck I was just using it while I was painting.

No fewer than 5 people tried to buy these from me while I was priming them. One guy I looked at and said, sure $500 because in my head I was starting to think that ordering some was a better idea.
I'm glad he didn't take me up on it though!

So that was my big project... and the next one will look like the rest of them primed, which isn't very exciting.. but then the fun begins.

I have 9 colors of paint. :D That's the only hint I'm giving you. 

What are you working on?

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  1. Those chairs are amazing. A lot of work but I know you'll be so happy when they're done (which I assume includes some tangling).

    You can check out my weekly post for app the goodies I made this week. :)