Monday, June 16, 2014

The guitar- or... what I did last week. :)

So here is my Diva challenge for last week first... #171, she talked about Beads of courage which is an amazing program and one I firmly believe in. Go check it out. Get involved.
Anyway, this is actually a program I really believe in so when she talked about it and incorporated that into the challenge I knew it wasn't one I wanted to skip. I used my watercolors to add some bright splashes and I like it even if it isn't my "normal" style.

 And because it's Monday again and I didn't want to fall behind and I've been awake since 5.
Here is a duotangle for the Diva's Challenge #172, Auraknot and Mooka. I mssed up my auraknot but I like it enough to keep it!

Ok, and now... The guitar. 
This was a Father's Day gift for my dad.
Here are some completed shots and then I'll add in a ton of wip pics too. 
(not all photos are even worth looking at but I wanted them for my own reference in the future)

Here it is all displayed after I gave it to him.

And here is a better shot of it all completed. 

There is meaning in every stroke on that guitar, from the little dipper that you won't notice behind the tree branches to the stars over the moon, which my dad taught me to draw, sitting on his lap at my Grandparents house as a little girl. 
There is a campfire and the song around the edges is the music from Country Roads by John Denver, which was my favorite song to listen to him play when I was a little girl. I called it my camping song. There are dandelions for wishes and a quote that says everything.

I'm a lucky girl. I have the best Dad, and I am glad that I could give him a gift that he told me he'll always treasure. 

Here's a few WIP pics. I'm a messy artist. :D

Ok, so today is day 16.
Create something that reminds you of your childhood!


  1. Kelly, that guitard is amazing! I'm sure it has become the most precious of all and for ever!

  2. Found a new (to me) zentangle challenge. Kept it simple for a change which is way harder than it sounds!

  3. first of all, BODACIOUS guitar! I love it! but mostly I wanted to say how delightful the challenge tile reminds me of something atomic, like the Big Bang or quantum theory! excellent interpretation

  4. The guitar is awesome and your tile for the Diva is quite elegant.

  5. I love your version of the auraknot! I actually really don't like auraknots but your version makes me want to try it again. I like the rounded edges more that the sharp star design.

  6. I think your version of Auraknot is fun. As Rick said, it is a very forgiving tangle. And, that guitar is such a thoughtfully done gift that I know your Dad will treasure forever.

  7. Came to see your challenge tile - which is very pretty - but am blown away by the guitar. (Now to go find my jaw, which I dropped upon seeing the guitar....)

  8. Wow. The guitar is so beautiful. Your one word prompt sent me on a lovely walk down memory lane. Thanks!

  9. That's really beautiful work. Of COURSE your dad is going to treasure it forever! It's also inspiring, I have a guitar that can't be played anymore, my dad plays and I know he'd like something like this, too.

    Did you use micron pens? Sharpies? Did you clear coat it when it was finished?
    So many questions!!
    Country Roads is one of the songs on my Karaoke CD. I play it about once a week on my way to work and belt out songs. I get funny looks from other drivers. But I don't care. :)

  10. What an incredible Father's Day gift! I love that guitar. Your tiles are also lovely. I agree with the others, your auraknot is awesome. I posted a tile for today, but I really wish I could have posted a picture of my backyard filled with fireflies. The sight was beautiful and made me so homesick for times when I chased them around my grandparent's yard with a jar in hand!

  11. Both tiles are very beautiful. You last one proves once more, that 'less is more'. The guitar is priceless.

  12. Like the simplicity of your Diva Challenge piece. Your Mooka flows well across the page. The guitar is really great. That took some work but I am sure that it was well worth it.