Friday, June 20, 2014

Trusting my process

I find that a lot of times when I let things come easily I think no one is going to like the finished project, or that I won't, and yet more and more what I've learned in the last month is that the more "natural" or organic I let my process be, the more I just let things come to me, whether it's writing, drawing, sketching, doodling or painting, the pieces that have the most likes anywhere, that people respond to the most are the ones I almost didn't post because in my head they were "throwaways."

My perfectionism is still there. I'm going to continue to try and make it be quiet.

Here's what I have for you this morning.

Have you ever tried a mandala? Not a template, but creating one yourself? This was my freeform attempt. I liked doing it. My technique needs work. (see there I go again with the perfectionism) 

So today's art prompt for you is to find a mandala, use it to inspire you in some way, either to create your own, to tangle it or to see what it inspires you to make. 

Have fun!
(10 days left!)


  1. Well, I'm kind of stuck with the mooka auraknot duo so the mandala will be for some other time. But Yours is really so delicate. Love it.

  2. I only have time for a quickie today. A free form mandala has been on my list for a while now. I've done one with a grid (still gotta take that pic) but not just with a blank piece of paper. Might try that tomorrow.

    Yours turned out great - I really like it!

  3. You were a major inspiration today! I loved your mandala the moment I saw it. I decided to try something a lot more organic and free form for me. I have had the best time doing this mandala. It is one of my favorite pieces I think I have ever done, simply because it is so different, not necessarily because it is that wonderful. Thanks for a great challenge. I hope to have this posted by tonight so you can check it out.

  4. I have never used a template for a mandala. We just wing those suckers lol. I didn't even know a template existed. Lol

  5. Hi Kelly, your mandala is lovely, I will try and enter one, must still create it!!!

  6. I do the same thing... I look at something I'm making, decide it's just crap, and usually don't even finish it. But looking at the work of so many other people has helped me. I have seen things that I didn't love as a whole, but those things often have bits that I *do* love. Translated to my own work, there are redeeming factors in even the ones I hate. Making mistakes is instructive, really, and I need to allow myself to do that on occasion. I've learned a great deal from this almost-a-month of creativity. So thanks!!