Sunday, June 29, 2014

29 days in a row!

Did you think you'd get 29 days in a row complete? I know I didn't know how I'd do. I toyed with the idea at the beginning of having some posts pre-done, etc just in case but that didn't feel fair to the challenge, so some days have been early, some have been late some have been simple things and there were even a few days where I really didn't feel like doing something but I have created EVERY day for the last 29 days. 

Got some stuff to work on today too and then tomorrow is the last day! 

This is for the #Doodletogether project.

Today's art prompt is the word WOVEN. 


  1. Love your tile! I plan on trying some things with a woven tangle later on today, but wanted to get this posted now while I had a moment. I worked on a journal 52 page - under the sea!

  2. Again, a day later than I planned, but my fourth week is posted! Only two more days to create and then... Who knows!
    Do you have more challenges planned? It was a lot of fun so far!

    your tile looks very nice, btw.. Love the way Hollibaugh pops up, has a real 3D-effect!

  3. 2 entries today! I figured I would make seperate posts for the last two days. Only one more to go! Thanks for this fun challenge!

  4. Today was awesome! Could not wait to come home and blog about it and share it with you guys :-) squeeeee

  5. I did a lot more creating this month than I would have because of you. So thank you for that.

    I also taught a large group of children what Zentangle inspired art and Zentangle are, provided them supplies and inspiration and watched them take off with it. I will try to post some of their pictures on my blog in the near future. Pictures of their *stuff* not pictures of the kids, of course. :) So thanks for having this little challenge, even though I technically failed.

  6. I started a new knitting project. It doesn't look like much but that provisional cast on (the green thread) gave me fits! 2 hours for those two itty bitty rows!