Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Sunday!

It's an incredibly GORGEOUS day here, so I'm going to get right too it! I finished this early this morning (after the car alarm started going off in the driveway FOR NO GOOD REASON) and then not so adorable at that moment puppy decided that made it playtime. Heh. I like her more at 8am than 5am.
It's a good thing she's cute right?

If you are new here, the rules are simple. Create EVERY day. I'm not picky about what you create.  I jut want you to do it!
Come here, post a link to where you showed off your creation in the linkey and on July 1 I'll post winners. You must submit previous entries no later than Sunday night each week for them to count.

I will post an art prompt most days, today is "Think color" and put some where you might not have otherwise.

Here's the project I finished this morning, the one that I gave a teeny tiny sneak peek of yesterday.

I love it, even if it didn't photograph as well a I'd have liked.

I hope you do to and I hope this challenge is inspiring you to be creative! I'm having fun with it and I'm really loving getting to see all your blogs and individual pieces as well!

Here i proof that she is in fact adorable and it was worth it to get up.

Plus as an added bonus, I got to see this gorgeous sunrise.

It's not that often I see 5am. I look forward to a nap today though!

UPDATE: Not sure why this didn't post but hopefully it will work now. If you didn't get it submitted because of the missing linkey thing, just leave me a note in comments and feel free to submit it tomorrow. :)


  1. Gorgeous work! You must have spent hours on it. It's a beauty!
    Yep! Early morning on a beautiful day is often worth getting up :)
    Happy Sunday to you too.

  2. I don't know why the linkey didn't pop up. I went in and readded it and it seemed to work now!:) Sorry!!!

  3. Your cross is gorgeous! I have to get busy and do that template! I also love your pup. What kind is she?

  4. Day 8 making paper dolls

  5. I love it. Especially the depth I see in the center. Very pretty.

    Unfortunately, I see 5 AM every school day... have to get up that early to make it to work at 6:15.

    On the good side, school's almost out. :)

  6. Gorgeous cross - is it a template? Turned out awesome either way. I finally finished the template I started last week - I'm kinda meh about it. Maybe I should add some color to it.