Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Middle of the week already!

Yesterday I told you about the cool app Doodling Together that I found the other night after my iphone IOS 7 upgrade and diaster-a-thon. It's fixed, it's better. I'm not cranky anymore... and while reinstalling all my apps I found this!
Anyway there is also facebook group called Doodling Together that is built around this concept and I'm in love with the idea.(I have no affiliation other than I joined and am participating)

You can learn more about it here or get the app.  It's $2, but giving a couple away this week.
Prizes will be awarded on  All you have to do is submit something today and leave a note in comments that says "Enter me!"

Anyway, I finished my 2nd square and here it is! I really like it. I used some of my favorite things. I have Budz, which is my tangle in there, along with striping which makes me think Tim Burton and Dr Seuss got together to have a party, then I threw in some dots

If you are new to the challenge you can find out more here

Otherwise, post it up! Show me what you did to create today.

My challenge for you today is to use dots of some kind in whatever you make! 


  1. Those budz are so cute! And your mooka is perfect!

  2. Weiner dogs, watercolor, failed resists....

  3. I don't have a smart phone. But my phone company keeps offering me one. I keep ignoring them.
    Love your seuss-ish tangly stuff, the kids I work with had a 'Draw Seuss' day awhile back. Reminds me of some of the stuff they drew.