Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 21- and I'm not feeling it today

It happens sometimes, a day when you just don't feel like creating. I'm tired and I've got some stuff that's bothering me, and that doesn't really lead to me being all that creative, or what I make doesn't turn out the way I'd like it to. So, this morning, I'm going to take a nap and then work on some stuff for the business side of my art.
Tonight, I'm going to do one of Ben Kwok's butterfly templates but I haven't decided which one. I'll finish that up in the morning and share that with you.

For today, I'm going to show you the flyer I made this morning to include with a gift certificate I gave as an auction item for our local animal rescue.
I'm big on adopting animals and people who take them in.. well I have a great deal of admiration for them. Since I have ZERO room for more adoptees... I try and donate stuff when I can.

This auction is getting a certificate for a pair of customized converse and then this little piece that includes some of the customization I've done over the years. I may redesign my logo too. So that's what I"m doing today.

Today's art prompt is to use a medium you don't normally use or if you have something related to your art or your art business if you have one.... do something you've been procrastinating.


  1. I really love your flyer, it's so colourful and fun-looking. I'm sure you'll do a great job redesigning your logo. Can't wait to see it :)

  2. I know what you mean about crafter's block. I finished up two tiles that were almost done and now I sit here wondering what to do. None of my ideas appeal to me. Love your flyer and that you support adoptees. Our "baby" is a shelter guy. He was 6 lbs when he came into our life and 4 days later he had parvo. Every one said take him back and get a healthy one. That is just not us. We put him into intensive care and a week later (and many vet bills we did not need, lol) he came home. Five years later our 110 lb lab mix is the king of the house! Have a blessed day!

  3. OMG can I ever relate to not being inspired to be creative. I had some trouble with cateract surgeriy and I have had "musemissingitus" for a while. Gotta kick myself in the butt soon or I know that I will be very sorry later. Glad that yours is not as bad as mine! Your flyer is awesome, by the way.

  4. I get those days too.... alot lol

  5. Oops, I pressed enter too soon, so my first entry will probably lead to nowhere...
    I finished the third week! On to the last one ^^

    Thanks again for this challenge, it really gives me that extra push to keep creating every day :D

  6. I picked up a plain wooden box at Micheal's it's perfect size for storing finished tiles. Painted it white & started tangling it. Girl I have a whole new respect for you & that guitar! It's hella hard to tangle on a slick surface!!

  7. I have weeks at a time that I'm not feeling it. I get tired and busy and swamped with all the stuff of regular life plus work plus my son is getting married, the house is a mess and company will be coming and laundry and dishes and, well, I'm sure you know. Still reading every day. Following along with the other creative people participating. Sometimes I see something really amazing and feel intimidated, but then remind myself that I am creating FOR ME. I still feel intimidated but I do it anyway.