Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Create, Create CREATE!!! Day 4

Ok, we're on to day 4! That means we are over 10% done with the challenge! Feeling creative yet?


Ok, so here is what I did today. It was fast, it had to be, it's a big day here. It's my youngest minion's 13th birthday! WOW! It doesn't seem possible. He's taller than me now, I remember walking the floor with him for 2 years straight!

So I'm feeling a little nostalgic and have a lot going on today couldn't be something really intricate, but I wanted it to have a fun feel. 

My prompt for you today is this...
GO with it. (I was going to say Let it go, but I didn't want to be responsible for making you all sing for the rest of the day)
Don't overthink what you are going to do, put pen to paper, brush to canvas and let it flow.

I'm excited to see what you come up with.

For those of you who are JUST finding my blog, you can find the details in any of the last few posts or you can click here on yesterday's where I listed the rules AND showed pics of the prizes!

Hey, who's on Pinterest? Instagram? Twitter? Let me know so I can follow you! 

Enter your submission on the linkey thing below and then please leave me a comment after you do so I know you did. 
Submissions for today are ok until Sunday.


  1. I drew something interesting this morning with 'my' kids. About four of them are getting really good at little tangles. It inspires me. :)

  2. I should add that what I linked to just now is not what we did this morning. Which you could probably have figured out on your own. But yeah.

  3. did this page for my art journal today...

  4. NIce piece of art! I worked on a challenge for Adele Bruno's string page. I am on facebook and pinterest - join me.

  5. I am really having fun with this. The fact that it coincides with some things in my life slowing down so I can focus more on my art is the icing on the cake. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Day 4 - finished Day 2's. Thinking about adding color. I also added in Flickr, 2 pictures of my practice pages from a meeting today.

  7. I drewed on peoples.....

  8. My contribution is a little unusual, see what you think!

  9. I only had an hour today and my mani was a mess - so nail art it is!

  10. Even though I haven't had the time to post yet, I have been working on something artsy every day. I plan to make the blogpost on Saturday, when I have some time off :)
    So come check me out on Saturday!

  11. i dont understand day five0- is she justs showing us what she did? or does she want us to do dishes? ill draw a dish and design lol im not drawing on my dishes bahha lol

    1. I'll try my best to post a prompt when I remember, but the entire goal is for all of YOU to be as creative as you can, honestly doing whatever you'd like. I simply forgot to post a prompt today. I went back in and added an update to try something you've been wanting to try for a while. :)

  12. Simply did my name....playing around with the letters. Why? Cause when it comes to lettering something...I am a massive control freak! It all has to match up and be even and perfect. This let me just have some fun. Glad I did it.