Monday, June 22, 2015

Post it holders turn.... Tile holders!!

It's the end of the year and that used to mean a million teacher gifts, but now my oldest is graduating and my son is starting high school next year. Yikes. How did I get so old? Double yikes!

But anyway, teacher gifts are kind of not expected any longer and I can't send in a gift for each of their 6 or more teachers, but this year my son had 2 adults in the school that worked with him and were really beneficial to his growth and he wanted to give a gift. Ok, we can do that.
So I had him get each a Tim Horton's gift card and made up some of these cool post it holders that I used to make all the time... see how cute they are? 

and as I was making them, it occured to me that... 
THEY CAN HOLD TILES!!!! OMG! Lightbulb moment!
See? Where the tile is is where normally I would stick a pack of post its.

So here we are.... I just used papers I had on hand, going forward I see myself making these in tangled papers or at least black and white. 

So now I'm all excited about making something I've made a hundred times. I love when that happens!

We also made these yesterday in honor of Father's day.
Mmmmmmmmm so delicious. My daughter made the ricotta we used in AP bio. LOL

They might not be SUPER pretty but oh boy were they delicious! 

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