Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I love Fall!!!

I truly think that fall is my favorite season. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, the world seems to be doing it's very best to decorate itself and there is pumpkin and apple flavored EVERYTHING here.
We are lucky enough to have an exchange student visiting and I've gotten to spend time with some of my best friends lately which has kept me busy, but I've also been VERY busy on the creativity front.
I saw a picture of these on the internet, and was reminded that my Gram had taught me to make a version years and years ago... so here are mine.
I'm out of practice, but they're SO pretty!!

And then... I made this for me because I really wanted to have my stuff organized and handy and at my fingertips. I was SO happy with how it turned out and I am still just giddy when I look at it!
When I showed it on facebook, so many people wanted one I decided to make them and put them in my etsy shop. (They're only $35 and include the pens for right now if you are interested, you can check it out at www.whimsybykelly.com)
And then I promptly got a ton of orders! YAY!

I also had several orders come in for custom converse and some cute geeky earrings. :)
So, I've been busy working on all of that.

I've done a few other things including this mini-mandala

And then I got to participate in this weeks Diva Challenge 189 which was UMT Yuma. This was my first attempt at this tangle and I struggled with it a little, but I love the idea of them feeding off the leaves, so I used green to add to it. I rarely use color but it seems to fit on this one!

I'm behind one, 188, which is one that I'm actually excited to work on, it's a LGBT alliance tile and I haven't skipped it, I just was short on time last week and didn't want to rush it, so I'll get back to that asap!

In the meantime, everyone have a great week and I'll check in when I can! Now, I'm off to go have some apple crisp or a pumpkin muffin! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A little bit of this... a little bit of that...

It's been a little of this, a little of that all week long. 
We are really lucky in that my daughter got to go to Germany last year as part of her school's German exchange program and this year, we are very happy that her "host sister" Lisa will get to come visit us. 
She arrives on Sunday. 
In addition, I will get to see some of my very best friends in the universe this weekend, so things have been busy and a little chaotic. 

I did get 5 out of 6 of a set of Christmas cards designed. I am going to redo my gingerbread guy. I don't dislike him... I just don't think he goes. 

Then I'm working on something else that I want to make sure will work before I share it with all of you, but it's a work in progress. 
I like the way some of my tangles are turning out! 

New template tomorrow.