What is Zentangle?

I am a CZT® which means that I am a Certified Zentangle teacher and that not only CAN I teach you this method, but that I would really LIKE to!
The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. "Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.
You can learn more at zentangle.com, or bytaking classes with me!

The practice of Zentangle is relaxing, it's fun, it's something that truly everyone can do. It increases focus and creativity, and provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well-being. If you can write your name, I can help you to create beautiful works of art while learning techniques that can enhance your life and wellness.

Zentangle is currently being used in many different arenas for relieving stress, pain management, motivational training, team building as well as stroke recovery and ADHD.

A goal of Zentangle is to free your thoughts in such as way that it ultimately strengthens and empowers your creativity. When you engage in Zentangle drawing, the creative part of your mind may frolic and grow in ways never before thought possible.

Stress Reduction and Anger Management
By focusing on crafting beautiful tangles, the pressures of everyday life are seemingly lifted. Zentangle's enlightening, liberating purpose is designed to ease tension, so be sure to make use of its calming nature whenever you feel the weight of the day bearing down on you.
The first benefit of Zentangle a person comes across is typically relaxation. This is no accident. Individuals suffering from anger issues will find Zentangle to be an outlet through which they may find relief and calmness.

Improved Sleep Patterns
The pattern-making beauty of Zentangle reaches deep into multiple aspects of your life. Through relaxing focus and creative growth, your mind sorts and processes daily events that help you enjoy a night of deep, replenishing sleep.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Zentangle is an enjoyable drawing technique that requires focus yet relaxes the overall mind. While anyone can do it, noting the detail and subtle nuances of each stroke help improve hand-eye coordination.

Improved Self-Esteem
It feels good to create and watch something beautiful unfold. From beginning to end, witnessing your Zentangle tile bloom forth instills a sense of pride and accomplishment. Particularly helpful to those that have had lifelong struggles or teens.
Develop & Rehabilitate Fine Motor Skills
Just as Zentangle helps build hand-eye coordination in all people, its benefits are particularly effective for those in the process of rebuilding motor skills. Connecting, shading and forming a Zentangle image into a beautiful whole is a peaceful yet makes new ties in the mind that can be seen in everyday life.
Creates Beautiful Art
A Zentangle tile is always beautiful regardless of its simplicity or complexity. You cannot fail at Zentangle. Every tile you create will be gorgeous and help bring forth that creative aspect of the self.
Journaling & Journal Prompting
The freeing aspect of Zentangle is designed to open your mind up to new thoughts, sensations and more. This gives participants new ideas that should be committed to paper. Or you may simply describe how you feel when drawing your delicate tangles and strings.
Design Inspiration
At its core, Zentangle is an art. Just as any other art form, it encompasses themes from internal and external sources. These come together into a cogent design structure that has the power to inspire the creator and others.
Team Building & Group Focus
While masterful pieces can be created solo, Zentangle really shines as a group activity. Connecting multiple minds and they connect strokes into wondrous art is a bonding experience.
Increased Productivity
Creating and meditation provide a restful experience leaving one open to new ideas, a fresh perspective and the capability to take a “break” anywhere.
Zentangle can be used to sort and process life challenges. The increased focus and creativity aspect provide a soothing channel for those with questions, concerns or medical conditions.
Increases Attention Span & Ability to Concentrate
One of the most important aspects of Zentangle is its ability to hone a person's concentration skills by keeping them engaged in a flowing, blossoming creation. While it ultimately relaxes participants, Zentangle becomes easier and easier over time.
Home Schooling
Zentangle helps home-schooled children increase focus and coordination so their studies may be even stronger.
Addiction Therapy Tool
The goal of addiction therapy is freedom from some part of a person's life that holds them captive. Zentangle helps with this by releasing the mind's attention on that addiction and focusing it on a highly beneficial creative activity.

The practice of Zentangle has something to offer everyone. You can find more about the types of workshops and currentofferings here.