Thursday, December 31, 2015

And it's over... 1 year of creativity.

I had planned out this piece for most of the year. I suspected that it would be seasonally appropriate when I did it... but oddly, it's not. There's still no real snow here in Buffalo NY for the first time that I ever remember.
But I put the final touches on it today to make it my final piece for the year.

And... Wooohoo! We did it.
I created something, most days art of some kind... EVERY DAY This year.
Every. Day.
The push to do so has been amazing and has held me accountable. I'm going to continue next year, although I won't be posting daily. I found that harder to do than the creating.

I'm going to create a weekly challenge of some kind and I'm still going to continue to create every day and I hope you will as well. If you completed your 300... please send me either your email or your mailing address. I want to send you a little something!

Not my image... I can't find where I found it, but I loved it. :)
If it's yours please let me know so I can credit you
Thank you so much for your participation, for your friendships, for joining me on this really great journey.

Make stuff everyone.
Make stuff EVERY DAY.

Now... starting tomorrow... um.. yeah, tomorrow...
I have a contest. :)

So check back, learn a little more about what I'll be doing next year and hey,

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Finishing out strong!

It's been a rough couple of days in the studio.... but I am determined that I will get something made and posted every day.
Before I left to work on the studio, while I was caffeinating for the day, I did this. I finished it this evening when I got home. 

It was a good reminder to myself that it doesn't take long, and no matter what is going on, it does make me feel better. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sometimes it's best to create early!

So this morning I was working on some tangling, glad I did that because nothing else creative happened.

When I got to the studio today, I discovered part of my roof had collapsed due to snow/slush. So that's a mess.... but  no one was hurt 

Tomorrow is a new day right? 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tangling, tangling and more tangling!

Not a creature was stirring.. not even a mouse. Or the dogs. Or my minions. It was a silent morning and it has been GLORIOUS!
I spent it with my pen, my pencil and some tea and I feel refreshed after the busy holidays and happy. 

I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you did get some down time to recharge.
This is my first attempt at using Sam Taylors "Crease" and I love it. So simple, so much at the heart of what Zentangle is all about one. One line, then another and then a little shading and something so simple turns into something that looks so amazingly complex!

I liked it so much I had to do another tile to use it in. 

I'm already planning on adding it into some classes!

What are you working on today? Do you have time off this week as the year wraps up?

Sunday, December 27, 2015


They aren't quite as pretty or much fun as some of the other things I create.... but today I put together my calendar for the next 2 weeks.

You can check out the downloadable version or register  here.

As the end of the year is coming on, I know that everyone is busy but I hope you are still making time to create!

4 more days!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A little magic...

A very good friend saw my skylines and asked me if I would create something special for her.

I loved every minute of doing this project.
She had it framed and sent me this.

I love her framing choices and I'm so glad her family loved it.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

I told you that I had a little something planned. Just a little Merry Christmas drawing for today. I figured no matter what I could fit that in.. .
BUT then I got tons of art supplies for Christmas.

So it's not very GOOD but it did let me play with my new prismacolors!

And now it's time to get back to the festivities, but I did want to post today.

I hope your holiday is wonderful. <3

Thursday, December 24, 2015

NO peeking...

I can't post the creative stuff from today. 

But I did create.. and I hope you made time to as well. 

Merry Christmas everyone!
I will post tomorrow, but it won't be til late. 

From my home to yours, the merriest of Christmas festivities!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The day before the night before Christmas

First allow me to present you with an earworm. :D

This was listened to at my house as a child.

A lot.

So this was the order that was picked up last... and therefore means the studio is closed for the holiday.

I have several things planned for the next few days so that I still have time to create (I planned them in!) and I'll also show you some of the things that had to stay under wraps.
Tomorrow's will probably be a giant pile of gift wrapped presents. LOL
I'm going to count that because it involves creativity!

Here's hoping you are enjoying this time of year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

3 days til Christmas and less than 10 left in the challenge!

Where where does time go? I am AMAZED at how much I accomplished this year.
I hope as we are wrapping up you feel like you tried some new fun stuff, that you created a lot, that you had fun and that you've learned something about yourself.

I will have done some form of creating EVERY day for the last year.. in just under 10 days Wow.
If you'd asked me 2 years ago if that would have ever happened I'd have told you no.

Next year my word of the year is "Limits" because I know sometimes I push myself too hard.
I'm going to still try and create every day, and I'm going to try to publish blog posts at least 5x per week but every day posting was a little tough sometimes.

Speaking of pushing boundaries.
I am doing ballet slippers and I am IN LOVE with them.
So. Much. Fun.

Aren't they pretty? I love the way the paint acts on the satin!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Welcome to Night Vale

Today is crunch day. The last 2 orders (that need to ship anyway) are going out.
Only 1 is for Christmas delivery and I couldn't refuse her... so I took it way after my cutoff... against my better judgement, and yet I'm so glad I did.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fairy Tale Anime customs

I had fun with this very specific request. They were a lot harder than they looked because they are basically a galaxy within a galaxy... and while I LOVE creating galaxies, they are pretty freeform and kind of go where they want and on these... one had to be contained.

They're prettier in person than the pictures make them out to be.

I loved the colors that she wanted for this.
So fun to play with!!!!

Now, only a few more things and all the holiday orders are done!!!


11 more days of the challenge! Let's finish it off strong!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Snowglobe Candleholders

I saw a video a while ago and it reminded me that I used to make these, only I did them a little different. This was much easier.

Aren't they cute?

I made 2 sets. 

I think I'll do a class on these next holiday. They were quick, fun and would make a GREAT hostess gift.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Custom Palooza

I have multiple pairs of custom orders going out today.

Here are some pictures of some of my orders! I'll have better pictures that'll end up on my facebook and my blog, but these were just some quick snapshots

And now...
back to painting!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's cool to share!

So I have a bunch of sneakers I could post today and was going to, but then in the mail... came a package.

It's from my friend Genevieve Crabe and it's so cool! She's been participating in my challenge all year and I think she's posted every day for the last 50 weeks!
She's gotten a lot done and I wanted to show you what she so thoughtfully shared with me!

You can check out her stuff over at Amaryllis Creations and get your own (along with lots of other cool stuff!)

Today I am having a day that will be my last quiet one before Christmas eve, so I am going to take some time to color in it today!

Hope your day is wonderful and thanks again Genevieve!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm behind today.

I knew this time of year would be tough getting a blog post up every day, but I didn't expect to get sidetracked til dinnertime!

I had a very busy day in the studio today!

I have 3 pair to get in the mail by Friday afternoon and another 4 that are going UPS so they can leave Monday. Then I have 2 local pair to finish and I'm done for Christmas! :D

Keeping busy?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A little Zendala

Just a little Zendala for the day!

I've been troubleshooting a video for my Tangle Troves and it's kept me pretty busy but I thought I'd share this with all of you!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sonic and Princess Sofia

Some fun sneakers in the studio!
First up.. the Sonic the Hedgehog ones I've been working on for a while.
I'm actually a little upset because I found a pair on Etsy that are actually using my pictures.... so, yeah, no. I've shown my work in progress.. I'm not going to battle with them over it, but I know my quality is better.

I'm happy with both of them! :)
I'm actually LOVING the Princess Sofia ones... which would also work nicely for Frozen! (I'm thinking birthday present for my niece next year!!!) It's fun to do a super girly pair from time to time!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Not everything goes as planned...

Sometimes things don't go quite the way you planned.
Today for example... because this turned out super cute!

And then I decided I didn't like the ribbon that was on it.. and thought I'd add this pretty one to make it cuter than it already was!
Sounds like a good plan!!!


Maybe not so much.

Darn it 

Back to the drawing board!!!!