Saturday, February 28, 2015

Whimsy by Kelly Challenge- 2 months!

Can you believe we're 2 months in?!??! How awesome is that?! I'm so excited!!!

A few thoughts for you this morning!

I find I collect pretty quotes and thoughts about art and life and creating, I pin them and sadly most no longer go anywhere. Luckily the quote itself is usually intact with author but I never know who made them pretty and stuck them online for us to enjoy, but thank you people for being creative and embracing creativity and making us little inspirational icons to use as touchstones. When I do find linkbacks I'll share those, I promise. :)
I'm working on this. It's a work in progress, and I do think I love how it's coming. I tend to shy away from negative space but it's working here for the look I want. 

What are you going to do today? It's cold here again. Blah. Double blah. Triple blah! 
That does make it easy to just stay inside and create though!
What are you going to do today?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Jar of Wishes Giveaway

Origami stars are nothing new, I used to make them back in high school and sometimes I still do. Every so often I make one of these to inspire a friend or as a pick me up... each of the stars has a little note.
This month I'm making one as a giveaway for one of the #whimsybykelly2015 participants.
You DO have to have commented on this post (even if you don't have an entry for today just drop me a comment) and you have to have participated at least once this month. (Still 2 days left!)

It's Friday. YAY for Friday! Over in Square One they have issued a new challenge, to use SeZ. I'm going to try to get to it, but I keep missing stuff. :) I have a lot going on and I've been picking and choosing the things that excite me these days!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Stay warm, stay safe, make something awesome!
Tell your friends about the contest and get them to dive in on the challenge with you!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tangling the morning away

Today is a tangling kind of day for me. I am working on this skyline ZIA on the couch and I like the way it's coming, still have some more to do, but wanted to get the blog post up before the day got away from me!

And my faithful little companion is keeping me company. She's the reason for the odd shadows on my work sometimes, she likes to "help" when I try to take pictures.. or really, when I do anything, which is why they are banished from my studio.  (I have two dogs, one is camera shy!)
I can't paint stuff and keep things near pets in case of allergies plus dog hair... so when I do get creative in the "main space" she's all excited and wants to help. :D
Isn't she cute? See her smile?

So that's my morning. I'm teaching some Zentangle in a private class later today, so I'll have a fun day of creativity for myself!

I hope you are doing something fun today!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spider-man Zentangle Inspired Art

Nerdvana. My daughter refers to our house that way. My son does too. At 17 and 13, they're both pretty comfortable with their self-proclaimed nerdhood. Nerddom? I'm not even sure, but they're into anime and superheros and sci-fi and all kinds of things, the difference is that when I was into all that as a kid, it wasn't nearly as cool as it is now.
I'm so happy that shows like Scorpion are on that point out that the intellect can be a superpower and don't even get me started on how much I love Agent Carter. Haylee Atwell is amazing, if you aren't watching this, you should be. I really hope there will be more than the few episodes that there are.
But I kind of wandered off there for a minute.
Superheros. Sometimes they make their way into my tangles too. I've always thought Betweed looked like it belonged with Spider-man so I put them together.

So what have you been working on this week? It's finally up to double digits here again, I'm not holding my breath but I am a little hopeful we may have seen the WORST of the winter.
We'll see. Later today I'm going to head over to the Bright Owl and see what kind of cool templates she has for us to play with this week! I forgot to look last week because she was gone so long, but that means that there should be 2 for me to play with!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's a green spot...

I know this doesn't look like much, but most of today's creativity has been going on inside my head, not out in the public where it can be seen. It doesn't want me poking at it too much. In fact, mostly
my creativity today is kind of tired and feeling like staying in it's jammies and laying on the couch and drinking a lot of tea.
Ok... so I don't know if that's my creativity or if that's ALL OF ME but yeah.
I did get this little piece of this done, it's for a prototype of something I'm going to try. I'm excited about it and I know, I'm being all vague and non-specific, but it's because I don't see anyone else doing it on Etsy yet and I plan to put it there once it's done.
You'll get to see it first though!

Are you feeling motivated or excited about something? I'd love to see!
Mostly, I just am kind of counting down the days til spring!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Zentangle frost and #onedozenfandom custom sneakers

Laura over at I am the Diva  must be inside my head. Her challenge this week is to tangle using tools you don't normally use.
Like... Frost? Ice? Snow?
Got plenty of that!
My daughter and I actually did a lot of that this weekend on the various windows in the house because it's fun and a new medium.
This is really hard to see, it was super hard to photograph but try it! It's fun!! (Don't freeze while you are doing it!)
Fingertips and frost. :) You know you want to! Or maybe you don't. Maybe you'd rather go to the beach. On second thought, let's go to the beach! Someone come get me! LOL If you don't like in snowpocalypse country, I'd like to encourage you to buy some crystal effects markers and try it on your mirrors and windows. They're by crayola and they're cheap and fun! In fact I used some in my art journal a few weeks ago because I love the look of frost, even though I'm desperate for some sunshine!

I was very busy this weekend... indoors, finishing my daughter's sneakers.For those of you that don't follow my blog regularly I have been creating a pair of custom sneakers for my daughter based on her love of fandoms. If you want to see them in process I used the hashtag #onedozenfandoms on instagram and fb.
I'm really proud of them, the hardest part was getting everything to work together and to be the way she wanted it.I also thought this was a great opportunity to play with my new light box and practice taking pictures for my etsy shop (Whimsy by Kelly) I did not edit them at this point, other than to rotate or crop them, that'll be my next endeavor. So, lots of pictures for all of you!!!
(Feedback and suggestions are totally welcome!)
Avengers and My Little Pony

Ouran High School Host Club, Harry Potter, Supernatural, RWBY

Roses, Deathly Hallows and the Anti-possession symbol

The purple is for Welcome To Night Vale


Sherlock, as well as Homestuck 

Sherlock of course... 

Homestuck: Troll symbols and the Wayward Vagaond

Doctor Who and Welcome to Night Vale

Why Hello TARDIS

Again, Welcome to Night Vale, this was a fun part and having it on the outside of both shoes helped tie things together


Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Cheese, Eduardo, Mac, Bloo, Wilt and Coco

Can you tell they were my favorite?

Several people have already asked, I do take custom orders, in fact, I love to do it. You can convo me on Etsy through my shop or you can send me an email at
Ok, I think I need a break, so tomorrow my post will be pretty light. I hope everyone is still staying warm and that you are getting lots done!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I think they'll be done...

I had told my daughter I'd try to get her #onedozenfandom sneakers complete before she goes back to school, which starts back up tomorrow. (IHOPEIHOPEIHOPEIHOPE.. I mean not that I don't like having them home, but come on winter, knock it off already!)
So here are the Hetalia flags she requested, along the spines.
There are NOT 50 stars on the USA, I couldn't fit them so don't make yourself crazy trying to count. I think there are about 40-45. I tried, but it's not very much space.

And then there is the Sherlock section. For days I've been telling her I was NOT going to do the wallpaper, because oh come on... lol...and yet, this happened. 

Truth is, I wasn't happy with something I started to put there, and felt it needed something different. I ended up liking the end result and she was so happy!

Today I have 2 small sections, though one is pretty detailed and a larger section, and then they'll be varnished and they'll be done!

So yes, she should have them in time.

And that is how I spent their winter vacation. LOL
Keep the posts coming, I don't always get the chance to comment on things but I am looking at all of them and I love what I see. Thank you so much for sharing, can you believe we are coming up on completing our second month?!??!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


This is my spoondala from Camerida! It's only taken me over a month to get it completed, but tada!

It has tangles that were chosen by 22 different and amazing CZTs from America and Canada, put together... it creates our beautiful spoondalas.
I made one tiny mistake, I swapped Twing and Demi from where they were supposed to be but otherwise, considering many of these were new to me tangles, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. :)

Today I'll be diving back into the paints and hopefully getting close to finishing my daughter's sneakers.
Unless my son makes me watch Sharknado like he was threatening to. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
Save me!

I hope you are having a nice weekend and that your weather is at least above zero.
Go make something awesome!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Amazing class last night!

I taught a Zentangle 101 class last night at my local gallery. It was a great assortment of ladies and they made awesome art!

Aren't they beautiful!?!?!
Got a little more done on the sneakers and I'm not sure what I'll be doing today.

Sneakers most likely (and maybe a nap, I'm tired)