Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Girl time! Cards and creation!

So, I made and fell in love with these super simple, and yet adorable cards. I used some papers I had from my scrapbooking stash and some die cuts and look how cute they turned out!
The front

And opened up

The front

And opened up
Ok! So the inspiration for these was actually spending the afternoon with these lovely young ladies.

Oh wait! That's not all of them!

These 4 young artists joined me in my studio for a Zentangle 101 class and the results were awesome.

Beautiful isn't it? I love to see the finished result but I also love how excited they get!

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  1. Wow, Kelly....those "kids" really get it, don't they? Their work is awesome. And I lovelovelove those cards. You got it, Girl! How I wish we lived closer. Your studio is looking so beautiful --> one day I WILL visit. Also, can you send me one of your gorgeous business cards? Love those, too.
    Take good care, sweetie. xox