Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Late post today...

Sometimes I get caught up in what I'm doing and things don't get posted when I want them to. Today was one of those mornings!

I put the final coat of varnish on a pair of bridal sneakers that are going out tonight or tomorrow morning (depending on drying time) and got a ton of stuff organized at the studio.

In between all of that I worked on this, which is a work in progress, but I am happy with how it's coming, I especially like the tangles in the middle. It's pretty significant in size, I was going to center the picture more but I thought the edge of the flowers gave it a bit of perspective.  I think it's about 14" across

So what are you working on today? I can't wait to see! (Can you believe we are in our 6th month!?!?!)

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  1. Week 22. Amazing! I posted my "week of digital art" blog post. One of the most addictive things I have ever done.