Sunday, June 14, 2015

Diving in to Tints on Tan!

So yesterday I spent part of the day working on the guitar... (pictures to come tomorrow after I do more) and then I discovered that a package I'd been waiting for had been delivered.
I was so excited.
It's my Tints on Tan kit by Deckel Designs. (Seaside Edition)
OOhhh how exciting. For those of you who don't know...
Tints on Tan™ is a technique developed by Marty Deckel using Prismacolored pencils to produce soft tins of color on Renaissance tiles. The Tints on Tan "Seaside Edition" was introduced this past March at Ogunqui Tangle (A Tangle retreat in Ogunquit, ME... which I am so jealous I wasn't at by the way!)
The kit came with everything, pens, marker, colored pencils, Renaissance tiles, shells, a gorgeous mat for my finished piece (I didn't use it yet because I want to play more) and  8 pages of instructions... it was amazing.
The kits are the collaborative work of Marty Deckel and Jenny Perruzzi. Sadly, the seaside kits are all sold out but they have a fall kit in the works for th eend of August, beginning of September and I've already signed up for the notification, because I will need it.
Here is my first tile using these new techniques. I can see a few places I'd like to have done something different, but parts of it I really love.
Not too bad for a first start!
Now I think you already know that I wanted a beachy feel to the studio.
See the shells that came with??!! 
Fits right in!  I am going to have these ALL over the place, you know that right?
So that's how I spent my Saturday night.
What did you do?
Make something awesome?


  1. I love your tile. I missed out on the first kit, but I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm still mostly doing digital art, but took a bit of time out to do a new mandala template.

  2. Hi, Kelly! Your sea shells are beautiful! Great description, too, of how the technique was developed!