Sunday, April 6, 2014

Time to break out some of those new pens

A while back I bought a ton of new pens,and then quickly found that I didn't quite need them yet. Well, I certainly could have used them at any time, but I liked them being brand new and looking at them untouched (I'm the same way with sneakers. I have 3 pair of converse just WAITING to be painted ) so I've had them in my little kit untouched. I didn't think today would be any different.

Anyway, I  knew it was time for a new project and decided to try one with some bolder patterns. I find that much of my work has a very "light" touch to it, but I do love bold and darker patterns. I picked Diva Dare #3 and here was my result. While working on this, I had 3 of my pens go "into retirement" which means I don't throw them out, they get tagged with a piece of blue painters tape and thrown in a baggie for emergencies and one run out of ink completely. It doesn't even have that much solid in it... so I'm going to say it was just time.


The shading in the center isn't as clear in the photo as I'd like, but otherwise I'm happy with it and it did make me push myself a little. The new pens were as fantastic as I knew they'd be.

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