Saturday, April 12, 2014

Something totally new and a little color

Ok... it's a lot of color! The Bright Owl challenge was to use paper not normally used to zentangle on for the 13th project, and I had this cute pink dotted scrapbook paper. Holy hell is it hard to shade on texture!
The pink is actually prettier than it shows in this picture, not sure why it has that purple-ish cast, but I like it.
I'm a huge fan of the color pink though..
Here it is.

Then for my project this weekend that is something different, I"m working on a mask.


Some shading and a little more detail. It's not done.. I struggled with not being able to use really fine point. I think I need some ultrafine sharpies. Shading on this was a DREAM though. I love it.
Now if only the darn puppy hadn't eaten my favorite eraser. :(

It's a good thing she's cute right? I think she's sorry. :) I'll forgive her.

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