Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paint with water...

Do you remember Paint with Water books?
The old ones, the good ones. The ones like these

Not the ones that they have now which are not the same at all but the ones that actually worked, that you could use to actually paint with water. I used to love them.
I have the cutest little niece in the world. Seriously, she is. And she loves, loves, loves water so I've been thinking she needs some of these books, but sadly they no longer seem to exist.

So I'm making her some.
She's only 1½ so I may have gotten a little too intricate on this one.
I'm sure she'll have fun with it anyway.. but I think she'll like this one better.
So I'll let you know how they work out, preliminary tests have gone well.

Graduation party was awesome yesterday, I'm really tired (which is why I'm later with this than planned)
I hope your weekend is as beautiful as mine is and that you are making lots of stuff!


  1. Yes, I do remember those books and I loved them too. What a great idea to recreate one........too bad they don't make them the way they used to.