Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Yesterday was one of those days where it was pretty hard to get motivated to get things done and that's ok. 
Way back when I first issued the challenge I said it was ok to only do a little bit of something, to just do it. :)
So yesterday I did not get much done and I had to remind myself to give myself permission for that. 
What I did do was finish the Zendala I started over the weekend and wasn't quite happy with.

Often my students will have a tile that they stare at and voice their unhappiness with. I tell them... you know, most art ends up going through an awkward teenage stage. What I find when that happens to me, is that if I put it away and look at a picture of it (not looking directly at it though) often it will tell me what it needs.

Yesterday was a perfect example. Yesterday, I posted the picture of the Zendala I made on Saturday here. It was one of the pieces I liked the IDEA of more than the piece itself... I knew it would morph into what it was supposed to be eventually so I didn't worry too much. Yesterday as I was proofreading my post I looked at it again through the screen and it was very clear.

So that was my creativity yesterday. I took my Zendala and finished it. 

What it needed was to be much bolder than I had made it. When we made this using my lotus pattern string, we all volunteered a pattern and they were harder to make work together than we'd thought. Apparently, we all like round!
So this has one we are calling 61, Flux,, Printemps, FuGu and Ennies.
What it needed was to be much bolder than I had made it originally in order to pop.

So there weren't many changes made but the ones that were made a huge difference and now I like it. 

Today will be much more creative I have a million ideas today!

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