Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just a simple tile

Someone asked me yesterday to describe in one sentence, what the most important part of the Zentangle method is to me.

My answer was this...
The way each persons journey is unique to them and the way art becomes an extension of all that is amazing inside the.... no matter how different it might be, it's ok, because that's who they are!

It's really the first time I was able to put that in a way I liked it... so I wanted to share that with you.

There's a lot to Zentangle that is more than the beautiful patterns and the art and I was privileged to get to speak about this recently to a group. Not specifically JUST about Zentangle but about art as meditation and to share the concept behind it with them.
I hope they got as much out of my presentation as I did sharing it with them!

This morning I have this, which started out one way and ended up another... much like a lot of my days have been lately. Again one of the awesome things about tangling, the unexpected results!

I'd love to see some of the unexpected results you've gotten in your work!
Hope your day is great!

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