Sunday, July 26, 2015

Goofy dinos!

Yesterday was a fun family day. So while I did do some creating, it wasn't of the traditional sort really.
My friend Elena introduced me to a fun app called Jurassiac Paint a week or so ago (it's free). Yesterday I spent some time taking a lot of pictures of the yards to use as inspiration pieces for my botanical watercolors when it hit me.
These are dinosaur habitats.
I spent some time placing dinos in my photos.
I know. I'm a total nerd.

There were a few moments of concern when my adorable niece (who's less than 2) looked at my phone, then stared at the yard with concern. So we went on an adventure and I let her create the one in the top left corner.
The look of complete delight when she realized that it was pretend and that SHE had made it made it all worthwhile!
So some silliness but sometimes you need that and boy was it fun!

1 comment:

  1. Love the dinosaurs, that's so cool!

    My new digital painting is one of my favourites so far, it's one of the animal series I'm working on this week.