Thursday, April 2, 2015

NorIce Sneakers

I learned that a few years ago, because I have teenagers that there is a thing called "Shipping" that has nothing to do with the USPS.   Thing 1 is very into Tumblr and so shipping is something that gets talked about a lot. In case you don't know it means that you want characters to be together in a relationship. I actually have something new that I'm going to be launching to go along with this concept soon and I am going to send a prototype along with this order... because I got a new Hetalia order recently, and it's a "Ship" order.
Norway and Iceland.

They're going to be super cute.

I've done a little tangling too, but when I'm not painting, I've mostly been working on my website. This is just a little bit of pattern playing

I hope everyone is starting to have some nice spring like weather!
This weekend is Easter, and I'm very excited about Reeses eggs. 


  1. Shipping, eh?. I had no idea. :D

    Today, I took one of my template and played with some simple shading.

  2. Wonder how they came up with shipping. Hmmm.