Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

This is actually an old tile... I made it last year, but I wanted to give you all an Easter card.

Also, I want to know.
Peeps? yes, or no?

If yes..... do you like them better stale or not?
For me, they are perfect when they are stale. :D

I'm weird. Hope your Easter is awesome. Go bite the ears off a bunny!


  1. No peeps or jelly beans either for me. Now a chocolate rabbit will not be safe, nor will a cadbury egg! Oh yum! Here are days 94 and 95 for me!

  2. I've never had Peeps. It's Cadbury cream eggs for me too!
    Today I have another mandala template, #23.

  3. Dark chocolate bunny ears dipped in homemade peanut butter!