Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ok, Web changes are up and running!

Hey! You've found your way to the new site! You can get here now simply by going to www.whimsybykelly.com
I've made some changes to the shop, there are pages above that go to various sections of the site.
You can shop, you can see classes, learn about Zentangle and connect with me on social media!
I have a newsletter sign up that asks where you heard about me or got my art so that I can add you to my map. (The map will be coming soon!!)

I'm really excited about the various things that are going on here... and with the holidays it's been VERY busy.

I did update my sneaker collage to show all of you.... which is something I've been adding to for a while. Some of these are older work, but it does showcase some of the variety.

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