Monday, December 29, 2014

Creative Challenge coming in just a couple days!

Looking to inspire yourself this coming year? I hope so! Every year resolutions get made, and discarded and this year, I hope to change that.
I am inviting you to join me in a creative journey for 2015. It sounds like a huge commitment, but honestly I'm not really going to ask you for much in the way of time, I'm asking you to commit to yourself. What would you do if your creativity had no rules?
In June I launched a 30 day challenge and that was pretty successful! I had a number of people play along and I learned some things I want to do MORE of and somethings I want to try differently.

Full details will be posted on New Years Eve, I hope you'll join me and check it out. Tell your friends to stop by, encourage them to come hang out. I hope this turns into something fun for everyone!


  1. I'm interested in your challenge. I have one starting on Jan 4th called the "That's New to Me" weekly challenge. I'd be happy to put a link to your challenge in my Sites to See. My challenge is found at

  2. Awesome Suzy! Will yours be posted on Sundays then? I don't have anything on my calendar for Sunday starts so I'll add you in and make sure to share the love! You can find all the details on today's post